Transform Your Service with Floorite’s ViralClean White Label/Partner Program – A Step Above the Rest!

Introducing the Floorite’s ViralClean White Label/Partner Program Package – your gateway to elevating your cleaning service to unparalleled heights. Join us and harness the power of our innovative ViralClean System, a comprehensive solution designed to amplify your business potential. This package isn’t just an investment in products; it’s a gateway to new opportunities and increased revenue.

  • $99 for Comprehensive Services – Exclusive Territory Excluded
  • $199 for Complete Access and Exclusive Territory Rights

Reasons to Become a Viralclean Certified Cleaning and Disinfection Specialist

Enhanced Communication for Cleaning Service Company Partnership

As a cleaning service company prioritizing disinfection, our focus extends beyond just providing services. At Viralclean, we are committed to educating our partners and guiding them in mastering the Viralclean process, a unique approach developed by Floorite. Our goal is to ensure that every effort you make, be it through your website or marketing campaigns, directly benefits you. You keep 100% of the profits from your hard work as we do not charge for advertising. Instead, we offer support and direction in advertising methods, including training for optimal results.

We also provide insights on industry standards to equip you better for success. Our support is ongoing – we are here for you around the clock, demonstrating our commitment through various partner services. This includes leveraging our efficient software/CRM processes to achieve excellent outcomes.

Our partnership terms are transparent – everything you need to know is clearly outlined with no hidden charges. Our mission is to ensure your success in cleaning and disinfection operations, allowing you to retain all your earnings. However, for our services and support, we do apply monthly fees based on your specific territories, zones, ZIP Codes, or other agreed-upon parameters. This fee structure considers the scope of services and the area you serve, ensuring a fair and beneficial arrangement for both you and Viralclean.

1. What is the Investment Required to Become a Viralclean Certified Cleaning and Disinfection Specialist?

Viralclean Disinfection Specialist Development packages offers a range of plans to suit your goals and budget, with prices starting at $49/month and extending up to $399/month. The initial investment includes a minimum down payment of $1,200 which covers training, equipment, and getting your business Viralclean certified. fill out our intake form to get started. 

2. What Will My Monthly Earnings Look Like?Full Earnings Retention

Your monthly revenue as a Viralclean Certified Cleaning and Disinfection Specialist is in your hands! The amount you earn each month will vary based on how much time and effort you choose to invest, as well as the quantity and scale of the accounts you manage.

3. Is Prior Cleaning Experience Required?

Absolutely not! Viralclean Certified Cleaning and Disinfection Specialist Development team will provide you with all the necessary skills to manage your accounts and operate your business efficiently.

4. Complete Training and Support

Receive extensive training and ongoing support in the ViralClean process, ensuring proficiency and success in the disinfection market.

5. Access to Proprietary Technology

Utilize Floorite’s cutting-edge disinfection technology and proprietary equipment to deliver superior

6. Access to Research and Development

Stay ahead with access to ongoing research and development in the disinfection industry.

7. Marketing Support

Gain insights and assistance in developing effective marketing strategies to attract the right clientele.

8. Technical Resources

Access essential technical documentation, safety guidelines, and compliance standards for safe and regulated operations.

9. Quality Assurance and Certification

Earn Viralclean Certification to enhance credibility and ensure adherence to high-quality standards.

10. Product Discounts

Benefit from reduced pricing on disinfectants, equipment, and supplies, optimizing your operational costs.

11. Networking Opportunities

Connect with other partners through events and webinars for shared learning and growth.

12. Referral Programs

Participate in referral programs for incentives and business growth.

Boost Your Business with Floorite Viralclean Disinfection Business!

Floorite’s Viralclean White Label/Partner Program?

  • $99 for Comprehensive Services – Exclusive Territory Excluded
  • $199 for Complete Access and Exclusive Territory Rights

Are you in the service industry, managing a janitorial or cleaning business? Here’s a golden opportunity! Floorite is expanding our Viralclean disinfection service, and we need partners like you. With our extensive training, you can quickly add the revolutionary Viralclean Process to your offerings. This means sanitizing, disinfecting, and deodorizing with an advanced method, elevating your business’s appeal and revenue.

In just a few weeks, you could launch a profitable Floorite Viralclean Disinfection service, tapping into a growing demand for high-standard cleanliness. Join us in this health and safety revolution and take your business to new heights. Let’s collaborate for a cleaner, safer future!

Floorite’s ViralClean White Label and service offers a comprehensive range of incentives and support to ensure your success in the disinfection industry. We’re dedicated to helping you build a thriving business while providing the highest level of service quality to your clients. Together, we can create a cleaner, safer world

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